Address display change in Uchidomari, Mashiki and Ojana


The way addresses are displayed in some parts of the aza-Uchidomari, aza-Mashiki and aza-Ojana district will change

The changes will take effect on February 25, 2023 (Sat). Residents residing in the areas affected by the change must make an address change declaration for certain clerical procedures. 

Please see the handbook below for details. The complete file can be downloaded here:

Address Change in the aza-Uchidomari, aza-Mashiki and aza-Ojana District(PDFファイル:1.4MB)

Areas affected by the change

1. How the new addresses will be displayed

2(a) Procedures that do not require any action

2(b) Procedures that require action

3. Issuance of a Change of Address Notice

4. Documents distributed to residents affected

5. Street signs

6. New postal codes