Ginowan City COVID-19 Vaccination Schedule and Information


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1. Schedule for Booster Shots

Booster Shot Schedule (for People Over 12 Years of Age)
Date of 2nd shot Mailing date of vaccination voucher for booster
October 16 - 31, 2021 Aprl 27, 2022 (Wednesday)
November 1 - 15, 2021 May 12, 2022 (Thursday)
November 16 - 31, 2021 May 30, 2022  (Monday) *tentative

It may take up to 10 days for the voucher to be delivered to your address.

<NOTE> The booster vaccine used for children ages 12-17 will be Pfizer-BioNTech.

You are eligible to receive a booster shot as soon as 6 months have passed since your second shot. Your vaccination voucher will be mailed to you at the 6-month mark. If you and your family members received your second shots on different dates, your vaccination vouchers for the booster will arrive individually.

Information is not shared between cities and towns. If you received your second shot in another municipality but would like to get your booster shot in Ginowan City, you must apply to receive a vaccination voucher. You will need to provide a proof of vaccination from your previous municipality. Please only begin the process once 6 months have passed since your second shot.

You can contact the Health Consultation Centre (Address: 1-3-15 Maehara) at 098-898-5583.

For more information, please see the February issue of our English newsletter.

Sample of vaccination voucher

Sample of vaccination voucher for booster shot

You must bring both the white and purple sheet to the vaccination site. After you receive your shot, the white sheet will be returned to you as a proof of vaccination. Please keep this document safe.

You must complete the purple pre-vaccination questionnaire prior to your appointment. If you have underlying health conditions, please consult with your primary physician before getting vaccinated.

See below for more information on:

  1. Vaccination schedule
  2. Where to get vaccinated (venues with multilingual support)
  3. How to book an appointment
  4. Inoculation flowchart
  5. Contact

2. Where to get vaccinated

Ginowan City Municipal Gymnasium

Address: 4-2-1 Mashiki

Hours: (1) 9:30 - 11:30

            (2) 13:30 - 15:30

*Please come at your reserved time.

If you recently moved to Ginowan City...

If you only recently moved to Ginowan City and would like to get vaccinated, you must contact the Ginowan Health Consultation Centre in order to receive a vaccination voucher.

You cannot use the vaccination voucher you received from your previous municipality.


Ginowan Health Consultation Centre

1-13-15 Maehara, Ginowan City, Okinawa 901-2215


Getting vaccinated outside of the municipality where you are registered

You must receive your vaccine in the municipality in which you are registered. However, you may be allowed to receive your vaccine in another city if you fulfill certain requirements. If you move out of Ginowan City, please use the vaccination voucher issued to you by your new municipality.

<The following individuals must notify the city in which they wish to receive the vaccine in advance >

  • employees posted away from their families
  • students residing outside of their permanent residence, etc.

<The following individuals do not need to notify the city of their choice ahead of time>

  • hospitalized individuals or those living in a facilty
  • those with preexisiting medical conditios who are receiving the vaccine from their primary doctor
  • those receiving the vaccine in national or prefectural vaccination centres
  • those receiving workplace vaccination, etc.

Even if you don't fulfill any of the conditions above, you may still be able to receive your vaccine outside of Ginowan City. Please confirm with the municipality in which you wish to receive the vaccine, or visit the CoronaVaccineNavi for more information.

3. How to book an appointment

Booking method differs depending on where you wish to receive the vaccine. Appointments can be made online or by phone. Please book ONLY ONCE.

Appointments cannot be made at the Ginowan City Health Consultation Centre.

Booking method
Booking by phone

Ginowan City Call Centre


Hours: 9 a.m. - 5 p.m. on weekdays

(excluding weekends, holidays and between Dec. 31 - Jan. 3)

*A surge in calls may result in long wait times.

Booking online

V-CHAT booking system

(can also be accessed through the city's homepage)


When booking, you wil need to provide your vaccination voucher number and date of birth.

Vaccination Voucher

4. Type of vaccine used

Due to changes in vaccine supply, the type of vaccine used at the mass vaccination centre is subject to change.

Beginning on May 1, 2022, Ginowan City will be administering Pfizer at the Ginowan Municipal Gymnasium.

Regardless of which vaccine you received for your first and second shot, you are eligible to receive the Pfizer booster at the Municipal Gymnasium.

Clinics and hospitals will continue to administer Pfizer for the time being.

5. Inoculation flowchart

Inoculation Flowchart

6. Contact

For inquiries regarding side effects or other medical concerns

Okinawa Prefecture COVID-19 Vaccine Professional Consultation Call Centre


Mon - Sun:  9 a.m. - 5 p.m. (excluding holidays)

For inquiries about making an appointment in Ginowan City

Ginowan City Call Centre


Mon - Fri:  9 a.m. - 5 p.m. (excluding weekends, holidays and the New Year period)

For inquiries about reissuing vouchers, changing mailing address, etc.

Ginowan City Health Consultation Centre


Mon - Fri:  8:30a.m. - 5:15p.m. (excluding weekends, holidays and the New Year period)