Ginowan City COVID-19 Vaccination Schedule and Information


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FY2024 Spring Immunization

Vaccination period

May 8 - August 31, 2023

Who is eligible?

The following individuals who have completed the primary series (1st and 2nd dose):

  • the elderly (ages 65+)
  • those with preexisting medical conditions (ages 5-64)
  • health workers

Residents must wait 3 months after they receive their 2nd dose to be vaccinated with the next dose. The FY2022 immunization program is now closed. Residents ages 12-64 who do not have any preexisting medical conditions and who did not receive a bivalent vaccine targeting the Omicron strain but wish to be administered the booster must do so before May 7, 2023. Children ages 5-11 have until August 2023 to get vaccinated. 

Where to get vaccinated

  • Ginowan Municipal Gymnasium (mass vaccination centre) ← opened at the end of May
  • Immunization clinics 

Appointment is required.

Please make an appointment by contacting the immunization clinic directly or calling the Ginowan City Call Centre. 

Making a booking online

Vaccine used

Pfizer bivalent vaccine effective against the Omicron strain

Vaccination voucher

The vaccination vouchers will be mailed to the eligible residents below beginning in April 2023. 

  • the elderly (ages 65)
    • Voucher will be mailed to eligible residents 3 months after their most recent shot 
  • residents ages 5-64 with a preexisting medical condition
    • ​​​​​​​Those who have submitted an application for a voucher for the previous doses will have their newest voucher mailed to them 3 months after their most recent shot. 

If you are moving into Ginowan City from another town/city

Vaccination records are not shared between municipalities. If you are eligible but still have not received your vaccination voucher, please contact the Ginowan City Health Consultation Centre at 098-898-5583 or in person at 1-13-15 Maehara.