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General Information

Welcome to Ginowan City! On this page, you can find information about our English newsletter, garbage disposal rules, and other useful resources for non-Japanese-speaking residents.

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!NEW! We have begun distributing Welcome Packages to new foreign residents!


If you haven't already received one, they are available for pick-up at the Civic Collaboration Division on the 2nd floor of the annex building!

We have begun distributing a welcome package to new foreign residents to support their transition into life in Ginowan City. The package is handed out to foreign residents when they register their address at the city office.

What is in the package?

  • garbage disposal guide
  • English guidebook
  • pamphlet of helpful apps and websites in the event of a disaster
  • list of helplines for legal support and labour consultation
  • information related to Japanese learning
  • information about the Ginowan City International Friendship Exchange Association (GIFEA)

Ginowan City Guidebook/宜野湾市多言語ガイドブック/宜野灣市多國語言生活指南

Ginowan City's guidebook is available in three languages (Japanese, English and Traditional Chinese) and has helpful information and resources tailored to foreign residents living in Okinawa. Physical copies are available for pickup at the city office's reception desk and selected service counters. If you would like a copy, please speak with any one of our staff or contact us directly at 098-893-4119 ext. 2214.

Electronic version can be accessed via the link below.

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English City Newsletter

Ginowan City's English monthly newsletter contains many important living information and is available online via the link below and for pick-up at selected public facilities across the city.

Waste Disposal Rules

You can find a complete guide to garbage disposal in Ginowan City in PDF format here.

Help prevent COVID-19

  • Refrain from going to events and eating in groups where there is crowding and where infection prevention measures are not stringently adhered to. In particular, stay away from events like parties where people talk loudly in close proximity and there is an unspecified large number of participants.
  • When attending events or eating meals, ensure you maintain distance with others, disinfect your hands, wear a mask, and avoid talkng loudly.
  • Refrain from going to drinking events that last into late night or drinking in large quantities at restaurants and on the streets.
  • When necessary, stay home with family and consider new ways to have fun such as by joining events online.


  • Evitar en lo posible acudir a lugares donde se puedan dar las tres C (espacios cerrados, sitios concurridos, y contacto cercano), y asistir a eventos o reuniones sociales que no cumplan en su totalidad con las medidas básicas para la prevención de contagios. Especialmente, a eventos o fiestas que genere aglomeración de un número indeterminado de personas y hablar en voz alta.
  • Respecto a la asistencia a eventos o reuniones sociales, extremar las medidas preventivas para evitar el contagio como mantener una distancia prudente con las demás personas, desinfectarse las manos, colocarse mascarillas, abstenerse de conversar en voz alta, etc.
  • Abstenerse de participar en eventos que involucre tomar bebidas alcoholicas en grandes cantidades o hasta altas horas de la noche en la calle, bares y restaurantes, considerando las características de dichos eventos.
  • Según la necesidad, considerar nuevas formas de diversión como pasar tiempo con la familia en casa, participar en eventos en línea, entre otros.


  • 儘量避免去“3密”場所(密切空間、密集場所、密切接觸場面), 參加沒有貫徹實施基本防疫整備的活動和聚餐。尤其是對于不確定參加人數的聚衆, 伴隨大聲談話的活動、派對等務必克制參加。
  • 在參加活動和聚餐時,貫徹與人保持適當距離,手部消毒,口罩佩戴,避免大聲談話等適當的防控舉措。
  • 對于在街頭及餐廳的大量飲酒或深夜飲酒,以及需要攝酒的活動,務必瞭解該活動的本質要義,幷儘量避免參加。
  • 因時制宜,探討包含居家陪伴家人,參加網路活動等全新的娛樂消遣方式。

Support for those affected by COVID-19

The Immigration Services Agency of Japan offers a multilingual consultation service for those who are affected by the COVID-19 outbreak.

The Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare now offers services in English, Mandarin, Korean, Portuguese, Spanish, Thai, and Vietnamese on its coronavirus helpline.

NHK "Preventing Yourself From Floods" Multilingual Videos

Available in English, Chinese (Traditional and Simplified), Portuguese and Vietnamese.

Prepare for Natural Disasters in Japan


We Want to Hear From You!

Your feedback is very important in helping us improve our sevices so that we may serve you better. Please share your thoughts and suggestions with us on how we can make Ginowan better together. Click on the link below to access our feedback form. Please ensure that you have Google Translate enabled on your browser.

Multilingual Information on Living in Japan

          By the Council of Local Authorities for International Relations (CLAIR)

          By the Okinawa International Exchange and Human Resources Development Foundation (OIHF)

Interpreter available at Ginowan City Office

Ginowan City provides Japanese-English interpretation for administrative services at the city office.

Office Hours

9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

Monday to Friday


Civic Collaboration Division (shimin kyodo-ka)

098-893-4411 (ext. 2214)

E-mail: tuuyaku@city.ginowan.okinawa.jp

Ginowan English Guide Map

City Facilities Directory

City Facilities
Facility Address Contact (098)
Ginowan City Office 1-1-1 Nodake 893-4411
Board of Education 730 Nodake 893-8280
Citizen's Hall 1-1-2 Nodake 893-4433
Central Community Centre 1-1-2 Nodake 893-4436
Water and Sewerage Works Bureau 730 Nodake 892-2118
Ginowan Fire Department Headquarters 677 Nodake 892-1199
Ginowan Fire Department - Ganeko Station 3-2-1 Ganeko 897-1210
Ginowan Fire Department - Mashiki Station 3-25-3 Mashiki 890-3953
Fukujuen (senior's home) 2-7-2 Akamichi 892-1333
Fukujuen Day Service Centre 2-7-2 Akamichi 892-0722
Health Counselling Centre 1-13-15 Maehara 898-5583
Welfare Centre for the Elderly 1-5-17 Akamichi 893-6400
Council of Social Welfare 2-7-1 Akamichi 892-6525
Ojana Children and Youth Centre 632 Ojana 897-4117
Akamichi Children and Youth Centre 1-5-16 Akamichi 892-3397
Oyama Children and Youth Centre 4-14-3 Ojana 890-0015
Aragusuku Children and Youth Centre 2-4-11 Aragusuku 892-8888
Municipal Gynasium 4-2-1 Mashiki 897-2751
Municipal Stadium 4-2-1 Mashiki 897-2755
Ginowan Multipurpose Recreational Ground 3-25-1 Mashiki 897-0909
Ginowan Recreation Centre for Working Youth 4-7-14 Isa 898-4700
Kakazu Heights Pool 1-6-1 Kakazu 897-6788
Shiruba Human Resources Centre 2-4-11 Aragusuku 893-6828
Hagoromo Learning Centre (Institute for Educational Research) 2-5-6 Futenma 893-6077
Ginowan Public Library 3-4-10 Ganeko 897-4646